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When round trip non stop tickets popped up for $430 we decided to take the family to Japan for a little fall get away. Yes, we did take the 4 yr old and and the 18 month old, and no we do not regret it all.

The flight couldn’t have been smoother. Both children slept half the time we were in the air. The other half they stayed pretty well occupied- They didn’t even go through my whole bag of tricks! (the most entertaining for both ages was these magformers not sponsored, but I do highly recommend for travel) On the way to Japan we were able to score seats with a clip in basinet for Indi- so so good, request these seats immediately upon booking.

After recouping in Narita for the night we took of to Kyoto on the Shinkansen. When researching train travel to Japan it all seemed so confusing. My advice, just at the ticket counter or information counter upon arrival at the train station and they will get you all set up. It was very easy.

Between Tokyo and Kyoto the trip was way more urban than we are use to, though we did love getting into the culture of the place and checking out the immaculate gardens and temples. In fact, the biggest culture shock was their immaculateness in general. They are the cleanest and most hygienic group of people/country that exists as far I know.

We were able to break up the city life with a quick flight down to Kagoshima. I think this might have been my favorite part. We took a taxi to a Cycad habitat my husband knew of. Here we got to be upon nature, saw wild horses, and the ocean. We also got glimpse of the smoking volcano when heading back to the airport.


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