Mid to late November with cloud cover proved to be the perfect time to explore Anza Borego Desert State Park. This time, Glorietta Canyon was our destination. The PriusV made it through the dirt road with no problems and we soon found ourselves within a boulder filled canyon completely by ourselves. After finding the perfect camping spot complete with rock fire place, we headed out for some hiking. As we often do, we did not follow any trail ( the only sort of trail we saw was the wash anyways) Scout was disappointed to leave the camping spot, but she was soon trailblazing her little 4yr old self up the mountain side, climbing every rock pile and giant boulder she came across. “I can climb the whole world!” she proudly proclaimed. As we reached one giant boulder in particular at the top of a hill, we sat to rest and reflect. I melted into a puddle when Scout so clearly stated that she did not want to come, but was now happy. To hear her identify her feelings and notice/admit a change and why it changed, made me so incredibly proud. We headed to the wash on the return so that Indi could get out and roam as he was not at all happy to have to be carried. Once out of the pack, he hiked the entire way back to camp. The next morning they both hiked up ¬†mountains and¬†climbed boulders. I am so grateful to have children that are continually falling in love with adventuring and exploring the world around them. To top it all off, we spotted some big horn sheep on the way out of town.