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Babiekins Magazine interviews me, Grace!

Babiekins Magazine interviews me, Grace!

check out the original blog post from the babiekins site here: http://babiekinsmag.com/featurekins-with-stye-and-grace/   

“We are so excited to be talking to Grace from Indi Scout – a fun and whimsical kids brand based out of San Diego, California. We have known Grace for a few years now and always get so excited for their collection releases!

We talked to Grace about her brand, her family and how she does it all.

{Q} Grace, you grew up in Alabama and now live in San Diego. How has the change of pace and (possibly lifestyle) effected your creativity or inspired it?
{A} It really is 2 different cultures in many ways. But for me personally, I have become constantly outside- hiking, camping, traveling -since moving here. This has made me more eco-conscious, as well as given me a more nature/outdoors inspired design aesthetic.

{Q} Since you work from home, have three children and make beautiful clothing — we have to ask… where do you get all the time and how do you balance life as a mom, wife, designer?
{A} Hah ! Good question, I’m still figuring that out myself! This past year I hired my first seamstress to help fulfill wholesale orders. This has saved me! I am able to take the time to really be with my family mentally and physically, as well as have time to work on new designs. I think I could even use one more seamstress in the San Diego area!😉

{Q} Where did you learn to sew and is it something your oldest is interested in?
{A} I am mostly self taught. I did home-ec in middle school. My mother taught me some, and I did a couple fashion classes in college. It really came from just jumping in and being hands on and figuring it out as I went. My oldest daughter is 5 and she LOVES to sew. She hand sews as well as uses the machine, I couldn’t ask for a better mini-me.

{Q} Do your children ever give you fashion advice?
{A} My oldest daughter has the best style out of anyone I know. She has been dressing herself since she was 2 and is so awesome. She definitely has her own style, but it’s not all crazy, the color schemes and concepts are totally there. So, though she doesn’t verbally give me a lot of advice, she is totally still an inspiration.

{Q} Tell us what growing up in Alabama was like? How is raising your children in San Diego different from that?
{A} I come from a DIY family through and through. If we can do it ourselves we are going to, and if we can get the materials for free or from the second hand store, we are all in. This has always been the case and it has really created who I am today. San Diego is very different. I feel like here people mostly think, ‘if I can buy it or pay someone else to do it why would I do it myself?’ Of course there are exceptions and both sides have good and bad parts, but I am striving to teach my children how to do things for themselves.

{Q} What is the most difficult part of what you are doing? Any advice for other mom’s trying to run a business and still putting their family first?
{A} The most difficult part is by far the great juggling act. The best advice I have is something I have just learned and am still learning- don’t try to do it all yourself! As I mentioned in the last question, it is very much my nature to want to do everything myself, but it’s not always practical. By stepping back and letting others help and then refocusing, I am able to get so much more done and be less stressed and happier overall.

{Q} What did you want to be when you were a little girl?
{A} When I was a little girl I think the only thing I knew for sure was I wanted to be a mother, and it is all I hoped it would be and more.

{Q} Tell us your New Years resolution
{A} Take time to center myself each day.

{Q} What are 3 odd things in your purse / bag right now?
{A} Pruners, stacks of magnets, and the beads of a broken necklace #momlife

{Q} Finish this sentence
{A} I never thought I would be – a Californian. Now I don’t think I could be anything else.

{Q} In 2018, what do you hope to achieve?
{A} I hope to get out new products and blog more since I have taken some time off with my new baby.”