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Lemon-Aid Stand

Lemon-Aid Stand

Lemon-Aid Stand

“I’ll take a detox with a side of hydration”

What if instead of sugary lemonade we grew up with healthy alternatives and loved them just as much. Lemon-aid we might call it. I love to put a couple drops of lemon vitality oil in my sparkling water- all the lemon benefits, but no citric acid. The kids love these lavender lemonade vitality drops. You can turn your own glass or bottle of water into an all natural electrolyte hydration drink (goodbye single use artificial beverage gatorade bottle!)

You can also get your lemon-aid fix by adding lemon vitality essential oil straight to your drinking water. Make it sparkling water to be extra fancy.

Why? Because its deliciously refreshing. Also, because it helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your systems, and detox you from all the yucky toxins in your body. Even plastic ones. Yes, we all unfortunately have plastic that has found its way into our bodies by leeching into food, drink, cleansers, and cosmetics. However, Lemon oil has a unique ability to eat through many types of plastic, and may help to cleanse your body of it.

There are some things to keep in mind though. First, oil and water don’t mix so it will float on top, although you still usually only get a bit at a time when drinking. Secondly, do not use a plastic bottle, cup or other implement. Remember how it eats through plastic helping to detox you of plastic that has leached into your body? Yes, well, we don’t want it bringing more into your body before it has done its job do we? no. Third, replace lemon vitality with any citrus vitality oil, including Citrus Fresh vitality. They will all give you similar benefits.

WAIT! Don’t just use any Lemon Essential Oil. Young Living has the only FDA approved essential oil for ingestion. Most oils on the market are mixed with fillers, grown (and subsequently distilled and bottled with) harsh synthetic chemicals, or handled in a way the depletes it of its beneficial characteristics. Grab some young Living Oils here: yl.pe/Gracespath  then send me an e-mail and ill give you a congratulations you made the right choice gift.