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Little House In California

Little House In California

Little House In California

We have just finished reading “By the Shores of Silver Lake” – I do not exaggerate when I say we all love the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. The children woke up bringing me the book, went to bed asking to read it, and we often read some in the middle of the day as well. It’s amazing to live in this modern day and read about little Laura watching the railroad be built and anticipating a giant change in civilization, or how her sister Mary went blind from Scarlet Fever in the middle of our own pandemic, or just how much they relied on and connected with the land while starting their homestead while we work on making ours. They were truly isolated in the middle of the prairie and were the only people around for 40+ miles in the middle of winter. Not only that, but they enjoyed each others company, kept busy, and made wonderful memories during their own ‘quarantine.’ It’s all even more amazing to to realize this was only 140 years ago. That is really not that long ago. History repeats itself in one sense, but is never the same in another.


Reading these books transports us back to a time that was harder, rougher, and poorer.  The whole family worked together- cooking, cleaning, building,  farming. It was not all put on the parents to do while the kids played video games. This is how things were able to be done. This is how they were prepared for their own adult hood. Even so, life was simpler. There were not many toys, but instead children played with each other, in nature, or with ‘found’ toys. Family’s were together everyday for most of the day. Cross words were not said. Sure, the parents experienced stress, but they didn’t throw that burden on their children. I love incorporating many things from this time frame into our lives and am always inspired when we read a new one.

Here are some other books that may help you bring bits of the homestead into your own little house. You can also check out my nature dyed yarn for handcrafts.

These little dresses from Velveteen Clothjng instantly reminded me of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Little House on the Prairie so naturally I had to try and reproduce my minds imagery (plus a wild boy 🤪).

dresses: Velveteen Clothing

shorts: The Simple Folk

doll: Needles and Spines

basket + yarn: Needles and Spines

shoes:  Mikoleon