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DIY Cardboard Dinosaurs

DIY Cardboard Dinosaurs

DIY Cardboard Dinosaurs

Lately my 5 year old has been on a dinosaur kick. He used his Christmas money he’s been saving to buy some dinosaur figurines, but he really wanted some bigger ones too. He came to me with the idea to make some out of cardboard and I thought, “Yeah, okay, sure we can cut out some dinosaurs.” As he started drawing them though, I realized his plans were much larger than I realized. They needed to be fat – as in 3-D – like a sculpture….

Challenge accepted my young son.

This was really fun and actually quite simple. I love having them be his own little 5 year old drawings instead of my drawings. I highly encourage you to let your child take the reigns on that step.

step 1: Draw your dinosaur (or animal or creature)

step 2: Cut out the outline of said dinosaur. I used an old steak knife with much success! To make your future easier do a smooth cut along jagged places or small indentions- like the inside of legs/arms.

step 3: Using this cut out piece draw the outline of your cut on a blank piece of cardboard. Then, along the bottom add 2-3″ of blank space. This will be folded over to be the bottom, allowing your cardboard sculpture to stand up. ┬ácut out. Additionally, cut another small rectangle of cardboard with that exact 2-3″ width.

step 4: Put the 2 cut outs with the face/face space towards each other (mirror images) and draw the blank one to match the first. It does not need to be exact as the 2 sides will not be seen at the same time.

step 5: Start to piece it together.

  • score the bottom of the cardboard and fold backwards to a 90 degree angle. Hot glue the extra cardboard near the top of these piece with the flap so that it sticks straight up.
  • hot glue the top edge of the small rectangle and the bottom flap. place the other cutout on to and how firmly in place until dry. Your main structure is done.
  • Cut strips of Kraft paper cardstock in that same 2-3″ width of the bottom flap. Using hot glue along the sides, cover the opening in-between the cardboard drawings with the Kraft paper.

Step 6: Play all Day!