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Fresh Flower Leis

Fresh Flower Leis

Fresh Flower Leis

Does anything say Hawaii more than fresh flower leis? They are so beautiful, and you instantly feel like life couldn’t be better when you wear one.

What’s even better is that they are actually quite easy to make and can be completely biodegradable. I love me some zero waste crafts!

Alright, lets start with flower choices. In Hawaii you will see mostly plumeria leis and maybe some hibiscus ones. However, use any type of flower you want or have plenty of. We used marigolds because I had so so many of them in the garden. A friend of mine made one with bougainvillea leaves for us once. Don’t be discouraged just because you don’t have “Hawaiian” flowers. Besides, most Hawaiian flowers aren’t even native to Hawaii.

Here’s what you’ll need:

deadheaded flowers (no stalks)

sewing needle (one used for embroidery work is good)

cotton embroidery floss (thread)




Step One: Thread your needle with enough string to make loop that will go around your hear when tied. Knot one end leaving a couple inches below the knot.

Step Two: Start at the bottom center of a flower and push your needle through the flower along its vertical axis so that it comes out the top in the middle of the bloom. repeat until your thread is nearly full of flowers. Be careful to not get the tail of your thread caught in the flowers.

Step Three: Remove the needle from the embroidery floss and tie the 2 ends together. Slip over your head and enjoy. You can make it smaller for a flower crown or leave straight and tie a knot at the second end also for a garland.

Dress from Velveteen Clothing. Swim shorts from June Park