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Sourdough Croissants

Sourdough Croissants

Sourdough Croissants

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Ingredients (all measurements are by weight):

  • 435g flour
  • 10g salt
  • 55g sugar
  • 75g cold water
  • 140g scalded milk (cooled)
  • 125 active sourdough starter
  • 55g unsalted butter, cubed and  room temperature
  • 250 g cold unsalted butter
  • 1 egg for a wash




Before you begin, scald your milk and leave to cool completely.

Once cooled, begin by  whisking together the flour, salt and sugar. Once combined, add in the water, milk, and starter. Knead for about 1 minute until dough forms. At this point, add 1/2 of the 55g of cubed butter. Knead to incorporate then add the remaining room temperature butter. After butter is completely worked in and a sticky ball of dough is formed, cover and let rest for 3 hours at room temperature. Transfer to fridge.

The next day start by pounding the cold butter into an 8×8″ square. This is best done between parchment paper. Place in fridge.

Now remove your dough and roll it out to a 12 x12″ square on a lightly floured countertop. Rotate the dough so that it is now a diamond and place the square of butter  in the middle so that it is indeed a square.  Fold the corners of the dough over the butter, much like an envelope.

Roll this butter + dough combo into an 8″x24″ rectangle. Fold the rectangle into thirds and place in refrigerator for an hour. Repeat this process twice more. After the final hour in the fridge, roll the dough into an 8″x40″ rectangle, or as thin as possible.

You are now ready to cut out your croissants! Start by cutting rectangles then slicing those rectangles diagonally. Create a small slit in the middle of the short side and spread slightly apart. then roll these two pieces towards the point- which should cover up the slit.

Place croissants on baking sheet  and cover to proof for about 5 hours at room temperature.  Place in fridge until ready to bake.

Baking your croissants: Preheat your oven to 425F and remove your pastries from the fridge. Brush your croissants with a beaten egg. Drop the oven temperature to 350F and bake for 30-40 minutes or until medium golden brown.