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DIY Natural Lubricant

DIY Natural Lubricant

DIY Natural Lubricant

The vagina is highly permeable, much more so and in a way that our skin is not. Because it is a mucous membrane, it is more acceptable to absorbing and secreting fluids. In fact, when placed in vagina, compared to our skin, chemicals and constituents from liquid and gel products are found within our blood stream at 10x the rate.

In addition the rapid absorption of the vagina, using commercial lubricants comes with a whole host of others damaging affects you can read about here.

You may have heard that our armpits are very absorbent, which is why what deodorant you use is so important. Even more so is our vagina. Which is why it is important to consider what you use during menstruation. It is also important to consider if and what you use during intercourse. Most lubricants contain glycerin along with a host of other toxins that can damage your vaginal cells as well send toxins throughout your bloodstream and interrupt many systems-especially the endocrine receptors.


Which is why I want to share with you my DIY all natural lubricant.

start with a 1 ounce glass pump top bottle.

add the following essential oils (optional) for pleasure and performance

5 drops nutmeg or peppermint

5 drops ylangylang

10 drops goldenrod.

fill the remainder with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or a mix of the two-which is what I do.


It’s so easy and so much better for your body.


I am not a doctor in any capacity and am only relating what I use. Always consult your trusted medical professional.