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Natural Tye-Dyed Easter Eggs

Natural Tye-Dyed Easter Eggs

Natural Tye-Dyed Easter Eggs

These are really simple and fun to make. The only trick is you will at first be working with raw eggs… so be careful!

Materials Need:



Onions skins

red cabbage

fabric scraps or Nylon panty hose cut into lengths slightly longer than eggs.


Start by gathering some beautiful dye flowers, red cabbage leaves and/or onion skins. For dye flowers I like to use cosmos, pincushion, hollyhocks, pansies, marigolds, and coreopsis.

You will need to then find some cloth scraps or nylon hoses cut in lengths a bit longer than your eggs on each end.

If you’re using fabric scraps lay 1 flat and place some dye material in the center. Next lay your egg on top of it and place more petals, leaves, and/or skins around the other sides, folding up the scrap piece while you work to make them stay in place. Secure with a rubber band or knot at the top.

If you’re using nylons, tie a knot at the bottom and place your egg within. then fill in around the sides with a variety of dye material. Secure the top with a rubber band or by tying a knot.

Place your prepared eggs in a pot of water and boil as you would with normal hard-boiled eggs. Let cool and then un wrap your beauties.

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