• Coconut Pie Crust

    Coconut Pie Crust

    Sourdough Pie Crust //Vegan style Sourdough pie crust is so delicious, easy, and buttery. Mmmm, oh so buttery. May 7th is national coconut cream pie day though. So, I decided to try my crust recipe with coconut oil instead of butter. It worked well, with a few tweaks in the preparation. For instance, I would not suggest working with cold coconut oil as you would cold butter. It becomes much to...
  • Sourdough Tortillas

    Sourdough Tortillas

    The girls work together to shape and squash their tortillas. Scarlet wears the most gorgeous pink dress from velveteen clothing. It instantly reminded me of the dresses in Oaxaca and I had to have it. Indi shows of his fresh pressed tortilla in a handmade hat we picked up in Panama 10 years ago.  Juna wears a dress Jeremy picked up in Oaxaca MX...
  • Learning Letters inspired by Waldorf Education

    Learning Letters inspired by Waldorf Education

    Learning to write G the Waldorf way while the littlest fills a part of with her her G coloring Page Learning Letters inspired by Waldorf Education I am not a Waldorf certified teacher, nor a certified teacher of any means. Nor did I ever finish art College. So, these drawings and their use in Waldorf education is based solely on my personal experience of...
  • My Favorite Mother Goose Books

    My Favorite Mother Goose Books

    My Favorite Mother Goose Books It's National Mother Goose Day! Who remembers growing up with these old nursery rhymes? who also feels like they are slowly slipping out of modern childhood? I've Rounded up my favorite mother goose books, and let's be honest, favoritism is largely based on the illustrations accompanying them. Amazon affiliate links follow photographs.  1. Denslow's Mother Goose Illustrations by William...
  • Sour Dough Pizza Dough Recipe

    Sour Dough Pizza Dough Recipe

    Sour Dough Pizza Dough Did you ever make your own pizza dough? Probably seemed a bit daunting right? Well, I have news for you. Pizza Dough is one of the easiest sour dough recipes, and is easily the most delicious home made pizza crust. Once I started making my own, I could never go back top pre-made dough or crusts. It usually visits our house once a...
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