Coconut Pie Crust


Sourdough Pie Crust //Vegan style

Sourdough pie crust is so delicious, easy, and buttery. Mmmm, oh so buttery. May 7th is national coconut cream pie day though. So, I decided to try my crust recipe with coconut oil instead of butter. It worked well, with a few tweaks in the preparation. For instance, I would not suggest working with cold coconut oil as you would cold butter. It becomes much to hard and impossible to knead in. Go for room temperature-neither melted nor hardened. Secondly, when baking, my crust wanted to slide down the sides. This could have been from my pan choice, or lack of proper prep work from my 7yr old helper. So, just be mindful, keep your eye on it, and be sure to press the top of the crust sufficiently.  One other thing to keep in. mind, though this crust is crunchy and delicious, it does not brown up quite the same as a butter crust. Otherwise, it is easy as pie and delicious as it too.



1.5c all purpose flour

1tsp salt

1tbsp sugar

1 c. coconut oil room temperature

1 c. active sourdough starter


Mix flour sugar and salt in large bowl. Using your hands or pastry cutter, work the coconut oil and starter into the mixture until the dough comes together. 

Allow to ferment at room temperature for 5-7 hours. 

divide dough in 2 and roll out. Proceed next according to your pie recipe. 

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