4 Eco Easter Eggs to feel Good About

Filling those bright plastic eggs are so much fun. However, it makes my stomach churn a bit to think of all the plastic used and wasted when they eventually and inevitably break. I've always leaned on the real deal as an alternative in the past, but let's be honest - once a child experiences the eggs with candy, toys, or even money inside, there's no going back to hard boiled. Plus, with the current COVID-19 situation and lack of groceries, no one is going to be willing to donate their eggs to easter dyeing. So, vegans rejoice as I present to you animal and earth friendly alternatives to the Easter eggs we all know so well. 

2. 'Plastic' Eggs made from renewable plant sources. These are compostable- but not backyard compostable. Still a big step up from petroleum based plastic. 

3. Biodegradable eggs filled with confetti!  These are made with real egg shells and filled with biodegradable confetti!

4. Wooden Eggs you can paint and enjoy finding year after year.

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