Six Alternative Ways to Fill Easter Baskets without Candy


6  Alternative Ways to Fill Easter eggs

Earlier I posted a blog about eco alternatives to the usual plastic Easter eggs. I ended up purchasing the ones made from recycled plastic, and plan on re-using them year and after year! Now I want to share some alternative ways to fill them that don't include candy or plastic junk headed for the trash bin within a week.

1. Color Match Play Dough with Essential Oils

We Love Making Play Dough. Its cheap, easy, and all natural. It's also very cute when you match the colors to the eggs. Why add Essential oils? As your child plays, the play dough will act as its own little diffuser, giving off aroma therapy throughout the session. Secondly, the oils will absorb through contact delivering a second method of the benefits of the oils.  Plus, they smell amazing, and lets be honest, play dough usually does not.  Choose citrus oils for a clean smell and uplifting feelings. Lavender, stress away, or peace and calming for settling over whelmed or over active children. Peppermint is invigorating and awakening, this may be good if you are feeling tired and playing with your child! All of these oils are available in the welcome home kit here.

No Idea how to make play dough? Ive got you covered. Check out my "Make Your Own All Natural Play Dough" post for the step by step.                         

2. Our Natural Dye Hair Accesories 

Hair bows, Headbands, and Scrunchies are the perfect fit for Easter eggs. These are all hand made from natural materials, and dyed by hand with foraged and farmed flora. They are the sweetest little accessory for spring and sure to bring a thrill when opening. 


3. Tangerines


Even if your are not doing candy, it's still nice to have a sweet treat option. Our tangerines are the perfect choice- they already look like cute little orange eggs! Plus, they are sweet, juicy, and come packed with vitamin C. Not to mention completely organic. I can ship you a roughly 10 pound box for just $10 plus flat rate shipping. 

4. Name Flags

The Beauty is in the details, Top off your basket with a custom name flag. These are hand made from organic cotton fabric scraps that have been naturally dyed. They are custom embroidered with any name, number, year, etc.  Don't be fooled, these are not. single use item. They can be used for cake toppers, sand castle flags, home decor, and any kind of open ended play.

5. Natural Hand dyed Yarn

With a socially isolated Easter this year, it has never been a better idea to fill your baskets with gifts that keep hands and minds busy. Use this wool for a variety of crafts from finger knitting, crocheting, braiding, twizzling, and more.

6. Seeds

For many, Easter is about welcoming Spring. What better way to celebrate than gift some seeds to start a garden? I have some purple corn seeds available that I absolutely love. Here's why: you can use to the corn for eating (its sweet!) OR for a natural dye!

Grace Spath

 Mom, Maker, and Natural Lifestyle enthusiest based in North County San Diego, California.

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