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Maggie Sheffield, wife, mother, and amazing photographer, caught our eye recently with her unconventional metal home on some gorgeous Oklahoma land.

Since we love the idea of kids roaming free under the golden sun, catching tadpoles, making mud pies, raising animals and being inspired by nature - we knew we had to dig in deep and learn more about her, her family and her beautiful metal building turned home.

Learn more about Maggie here: Website | Instagram


Metal homes are usually only considered for things like shops or industrial businesses but the concept of using it for a home is pretty new.

Why did you consider and then later build a metal building home?

We built our home in 2016, so having a "barndominium" then was definitely not common! My husband had wanted to build a metal home for a while and wanted it to match our other barns in our shop area.

I wasn't so sure about the idea at first, but I told him as long as I could do what we wanted on the inside like a "normal" home, I was okay with it! (Spoiler Alert: I couldn't be happier with our decision!)

How much land do you have? 

My husband is a 3rd generation Farmer & we live in a TINY farm town in Oklahoma with our two kiddos- we farm around 4,000 acres.


What crops do you farm?

Our crops include:  Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Cotton. We actually built in the EXACT spot where his grandfather's childhood home was. 

What were a few of your biggest hurdles you had to get over while building?

This would probably be a better question for my husband because I honestly don't remember any of the hurdles, but I'm sure he does! Ha! It honestly went fairly smoothly. The same man who builds our barns at our shop built our home (B & B Welding, INC.)  & my husband contracted the rest out. 

How big is your home? Do you have a price breakdown for the build?

Our home is 50x100. We have 3300sqft living and the rest is our shop / garage area.  

We paid around $80 per sqft. that includes EVERYTHING.  We have 4 bedrooms ( 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs) & 2.5 baths. We have a mud/laundry room downstairs. We also have a large loft area upstairs, which is the kids living area/playroom.

How did you keep costs down?

My husband contracted it himself & that saved us some. We did concrete floors in all of our downstairs area, so we didn't have to pay for flooring or carpet. We knew this would be a "forever home" so, we didn't want to cut corners on what we wanted.

Describe a typical day for you.

Normally, while my kiddos are at school. I am usually working from home, running errands & house chores. Right now, during this pandemic, and also during summertime- we are home and constantly in and out of the house all day long. The kids are riding on the four-wheelers, jumping on the trampoline, playing hide & seek in all the barns, visiting daddy at the shop, when we can and we are enjoying our long days together.

Do you have any tips for someone else that wants to buy land and build?

Honestly, just to find inspiration. Pinterest & Instagram. When we built I didn't have all these barndominium inspiration accounts on instagram and Pinterest. I just kind of had to pick and choose from other homes I had seen on Pinterest and put it into a metal home and hoped it would look great.

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