My Favorite Mother Goose Books


My Favorite Mother Goose Books

It's National Mother Goose Day! Who remembers growing up with these old nursery rhymes? who also feels like they are slowly slipping out of modern childhood? I've Rounded up my favorite mother goose books, and let's be honest, favoritism is largely based on the illustrations accompanying them. Amazon affiliate links follow photographs. 

1. Denslow's Mother Goose

Illustrations by William Wallace Denslow- An editorial cartoonist best known for his original Wizard of Oz illustrations, but also had many political inspired illustrations.

2. Mother Goose by Jessie Wilcox smith

The classic illustrations of Jessie Wilcox Smith

3. Mother Goose Treasury

This one is book shelf display worthy with a beautiful cover and illustrations through out.

4. Mother Goose Rhymes (Board Book)

This one is perfect for the littlest of littles.

5. Mother Goose - The Old Nursery Rhymes with illustrations by Arthur Rackham

This one may be more for you than your child, but the illustrations are glorious and a bit haunting. 

6. Classic Nursery Rhymes by Riddell Chris

okay, this one may not be entirely Mother Goose, but can you name a classic nursery rhyme that isn't? That's what I thought. 

7. Best Mother Goose by Richard Scarry 

My Son is a big Richard Scarry fan, (cars and trucks and things that go anyone?) so I was stoked to find he did a mother goose book as well!!

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