Sour Dough Pizza Dough Recipe


Sour Dough Pizza Dough

Did you ever make your own pizza dough? Probably seemed a bit daunting right? Well, I have news for you. Pizza Dough is one of the easiest sour dough recipes, and is easily the most delicious home made pizza crust. Once I started making my own, I could never go back top pre-made dough or crusts. It usually visits our house once a week or every other week at the latest. The kids love being a part of the process and eating the product. It's also a great way to use up whatever random veggies you have laying around. Ever had a potato pizza? it's actually quite good! Okay, on to the recipe!


75g. Sour dough Starter (Need some? Get some here!)

320g water

300g bread flour

125g all purpose flour

50g whole wheat flour 

14g salt

* If you do not have all these types of flour you can use the equivalent amount of all purpose flour. 

Step 1: Mix Ingredients

Find a large yet shallow mixing bowl. Start with your active sourdough starter and water. Combine with hands or wooden spoon until most large lumps are gone. Next throw in your flours and salt. Mix. I usually start with a wooden spoon and then move to kneading with my hands. I can usually do the kneading in my bowl, but you may need to move it to the counter top with a bit of flour.  

Step 2: Let Rise

When thoroughly combined, move to an oiled bowl to rise and cover with a damp cloth or beeswax wrap . Rising will take approximately 2 hours. every 30-45 minutes during this process, stretch and fold over each side of the dough. When this process is completed place your covered bowl in the refrigerator over night. 

Step 3: Shape your dough

Approximately 6 hours before your ready to bake your pizzas, remove the dough from the fridge, Split the dough into however many pizzas you are hoping to make. I always do 2. After splitting, it is time to shape the dough. Do this by taking a side of the dough and stretching it up and completely over. Repeat on all side until you have a tight round ball of dough. Place dough balls in an oiled bowl or dish and cover with damp cloth or beeswax to proof until you are ready to bake. 

Step 4: Stretch your dough

When you are ready to bake take a ball of dough and stretch it to your desired thickness and size. There are a few methods to do this. The first is to place on a baking sheet or pizza stone and stretch it out flat. The second is to continuously pull on the sides of the dough while holding and moving around the edges of the circle. The third is to use your fists to pull from the center out and maybe give a toss and spin as well if your in the pizza parlor mood.  When your dough is stretched you are ready to top and bake. Oven temps will vary, try somewhere in the range of 450-550 and cook until crust is browned and firm in the middle. 


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