35 purple sweet corn seeds that can be planted and used for dyeing or eating!

“The darkest colored corn known, it has a most delicious flavor and is believed to have one of the highest amounts of healthy anthocyanins of any corn! The ancient Maiz Morado, also known as Kulli, originated in Peru in the Andes highlands. This is a special selection that has been bred for the past 20+ years in New Mexico to adapt to our North American latitudes and will grow and produce ears easily in most American gardens. This ancient corn is excellent as a flour corn or as a flavorful sweet corn when picked young. It is also used in South America to brew a special and highly revered drink known as chicha morado. This drink was an important ceremonial aspect to the Incan Empire and civilizations before them. We love to make purple corn juice with cinnamon, clove and pineapple–a refreshing elixir bursting with antioxidants! Locals also use it to dye fabrics and cloth, as well as grinding it into a beautiful flour/meal. Eight feet or taller and 120-150 days to maturity.”

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