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Tag: eco fashion

Holiday Style

Holiday style can be as simple or complex as you like. Dressy or casual, go with an outfit than can be worn even after the holidays! Give a gift to...

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Santa Rosa Island

The Channel Islands National Park is a very fun place for a little get a way. We have been to Santa Cruz Island twice before, but this time opted for...

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Palomar Mountain Observatory

Dad and daughter always time for hugs Hale Telescope Rocks and Run IMG_0256 IMG_0261 IMG_0264 IMG_0263 IMG_0262

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DSC_3892 tunnels beach kalalau trail kalalau trail eel Botanic Garden Waimea Canyon For my in-laws 50th (50!) anniversary the whole family went to Kauai and stayed just past Hanalei on...

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Summer Harvest

Today we harvested the seeds of the sunflower Scout grew. This was our first summer to intentionally grow edibles together ( we always have volunteer tomato plants pop up). We...

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